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Experience our fully comprehensive health and wellness program including Pilates, yoga, martial arts, weight training, spiritual practices, sacred knowledge, community garden workshops, retreat planning, performing arts, love, relationship, and connection programs, emotional development, family support, and more. Field trips and service are also available.

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Health, Nutrition, Mental Wellbeing, Emotional/Psychological Support, Getting off Your Prescription Meds, Wholeness Nutrition Education, Astrology/Human Design, Pilates, FlowChi, Yoga, Pranayama/Kudalini, Martial Arts, Weight Training (Collab with Fitness Gyms for Equipment)

Spiritual Awakening Academy:

Humane Development in the home & workplace (Culture Corner), Spiritual Practices, Gaia’s Medicines and Sacred Knowledge, Finding Your Ikigai (Reason for Being), The Journaling/Prayer Process

Culture & Community:

Adopt a Refugee Family, Family Planning, Community Garden Workshops (See Field-Trips), Soul-Tribe Connections, Financial Literacy,Podcast Creation Development/Support, Public Speaking, Create Your Tedx Talk, Language Arts, Tell Your Story/Write Your Story

Good health is Learning everyday.

"The gentlest way to learn and grow is to surround yourself with people who have arrived at the place in life where you want to be."

Travel & Leisure:

Planning/Promoting/Collaborating Retreats, Plan Your Next Group Vacation, The Inside Scoop (getting travel advice / help / recommendations / local contacts), UCC Field-Trip Planning, Fundraising/Create a Pitch Deck, Utah Law.

Performing Arts Academy:

Music, writing, training, gigs, jamming, production, dance, visual art, and comedy sessions available. Develop skills, find your voice, start a band, record an album, sell your art, heal with art, and unleash your creativity.

Love Relationships & Connection Academy:

Diamonds & Pearls Membership - Safe Conversations, The Fortunate King, The Queen’s Code, Relationship Repair/Creating Harmony Counseling & Guidance, Family Constellations, Date Night Workshops (Keiki Care Available), Become A Love Magnet/Single No More, Co-Parent Support Group, LBGTQ+ Creative Collaborations

Keiki & Community:

AunTee’s Corner, Emotional Development, Family Support Group/Heal The Parent Heal the Child, Teen Talk, Body Awareness & Education Q/A, Music/Art/Dance/Song

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