Recording Studio

Enjoy access to the UCC Gallery, experiences, member programming, and community.

Recording Studio Membership

$500.00 /monthly

Embrace a community that sees, hears, accepts, and loves you as a creative and artistic visionary. At UCC, access our facilities from 7 AM to 2 AM MST to nurture your creativity whenever inspiration strikes. Utilize your two monthly room reservation credits to bring your artistic visions to life. Enjoy the convenience of free WiFi and parking, and rejuvenate with complimentary massage and haircut services, all designed to keep your artistic expression at its peak. Experience exclusive access to our online portal and essential artist tools, celebrate your achievements at our Annual Awards Gala, and create unforgettable moments by hosting private events at a significant discount. Seize early bird registration for special events and stay informed with the UCC Newsletter. Elevate your artistry with priority access to exhibition spaces, engage in members-only workshops, and access discounted resources to hone your craft. Further enhance your skills through complimentary masterclasses and mentorship programs, guided by seasoned professionals dedicated to your growth.

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